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British Airways stakeholders. Those indivivals who have interest to BA operations are BA’s stakeholders, or any individuals whose action can affect BA’s operation can be stakeholders of British Airways. Stake holder can be either internal or external. Internal stakeholders: are those who are involved with business internally for example owners, shareholders, managers and employees. External Stakeholders: are those who are involved in business externally for example customers, suppliers, local community and government. Owner: Since BA is public Limited Company so it belongs to its share holders. More control goes to that individual who has big share in the company so share holder have a major influence in directing and managing…show more content…
Customers: are external stakeholders of the BA, they play a big role by paying to receive services from BA. They want quality services, high standard and effective performance and they wants to be valued by the BA employees during the services being provided by BA. Furthermore customer needs reasonable prices along with quality and effective services, because the British people are so critic and fault finder of services which is being provide by companies. The customer feedback is very important to BA , it should be considered critically regarding the quality of food, quality of services during a flight .The way stewards are behaving with passengers all these affaires going to be feed backed by the customers as result of all this if the company give a quality and effective services according to customers wish and will so the customers will be again and again with BA ,if the services are poor and short of quality and effectiveness so they will never return to BA any more .as we can see and assess that all BA’s revenues come from its customers through services ranging from cargo to individuals which is being transferred therefore the customers are integral and base part of BA’s stakeholders . I am a regular and multi traveller with Qatar Airways as I

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