D1: Evaluate the Appropriateness of Business Information Used to Make Strategic Decisions

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When a business forms a strategy they are producing a large scale plan with plans to achieve one or more goals set by the business. The factors that affect the plan, in both negative and positive ways, are uncertain. So when making a strategic plan a business will have to take into account all factors and plan for them. Strategy is imperative for a business as not only does it give them a sense of direction and some goals to achieve, but also resources are usually limited so you have to a strategy will help to guide the business and make the best use of the resources that they have. Strategy give the business direction, it helps them to see whether they are over achieving/under achieving and meeting the goals they have set themselves. If a…show more content…
Managing any disputes between employees i.e. negotiating with trade unions or giving an employee a disciplinary if necessary. Waitrose HR is in charge of the recruiting and hiring of new staff. While having to ensure they have the appropriate people for the job, but to also anticipate if there will be a large amount of staff leaving the business, whether it is due to retirement, university or any other legitimate reason. This is called succession planning. During peak seasons they will also need to plan early within the year, seeing if they need to increase hours for current staff or perhaps even hire temps. This planning is essential for a business as if they do not have enough staff or hours for the rush during peak times/seasons, then the staff that are working will become overwhelmed and the whole store won’t run as effectively. Consequently losing sales and decreasing in productivity. Talent mapping is vital tool used in the HR processes. It ensures that high performers are recognised, engaged and have opportunities to progress within the business. i.e. A multi skilled shop assistant for Waitrose would be recognised and given a ‘plan for the future’. This allows the employee to share their thoughts/ideas and give the senior level staff an idea on where that person wants to progress to within the business. When an opportunity then arises, all of the

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