D1 Evaluate the Distribution Systems in Delivering Goods and Services for a Selected Organisation

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D1 Evaluate the distribution systems in delivering goods and services for a selected organisation This assignment will be discussing about when I was working as a logistics manager for Morrisons and we will be talking about how Morrisons distribution system works and evaluating the system. Morrisons' market share as of August 2013 was 11.3%, making it the smallest of the "Big Four" supermarkets, behind Tesco (30.1%), Sainsbury's (16.6%) and Asda (16.4%), but ahead of the fifth place Co-operative Group, which had a share of 4.4% - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morrisons. There is currently 569 stores across the UK and this means that the distribution system must be effective and be able to deliver goods to the Morrisons stores in time.…show more content…
Morrisons Logistics manager will also have to ensure that they have the products in stock when they need it so they don’t run out of the products and this way they can replenish the stock before its completely finished because when stock is finished even for a small time it means that customers aren’t happy and result in moving to other brands which are Morrisons competitors. For example customers wanted pineapples in Morrisons then the logistics manager will need to be able to respond to this demand quickly in order to satisfy the customer, even if the product isn’t available to the logistics manager they must be able to pull few strings in order to keep their customers happy and returning to them therefore logistics managers need to be able to keep up with consumers demands. If consumers demand a lot of apples then the logistics manager needs to be able to find a big supply in order to meet consumers demands to keep their consumers happy as apples are available all year around which means that they need to find sustainable sources and suppliers. Morrisons has also teamed up with Eddie Stobart who transport goods at a very quick speed and this is needed by logistics managers in order to meet demands in time before the consumers no longer want the product. Tesco also have a contract with logistics company Eddie Stobart so that they can transport goods from the manufacturers to the warehouses quickly and from the

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