D1- Evaluate the Influence Different Stakeholders Exert in One Organisation.

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D1- Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organisation.

I am going to evaluate how important it is for stakeholders to exert on an organisation. This is stakeholders such as employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, owners and the government. I will also state if the influences have positive/negative effects on the long term success of the organisation.

The two types of stakeholder I am going to explain are students and the local community. Students can exert an influence through their individual attitude, behaviour and effort. The more students in the school the more they will need to expand. This could be because of the population in the local community and the education provided by the
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This includes wages of teachers, utility bills and education resources. At the top of the second paragraph I mentioned that if the school was to expand as Woodbridge is in 2015. They will need to provide the school with more money as there are more students to educate and teachers to pay.

The negative side to it is that they are given a budget which they will have to stick to. If they go over the budget they will need proof of what bought and the money spent on. If they agree with it then they are given more money to the school. It will be difficult for them to get more money as recession goes on and economy down. This is because the government will have to cut everything so that the country runs also.

Employees are internal stakeholders and can exert influence by positive attitude, responsibility and productivity. Employers of coca-cola need to hire employees to do a specific job. Employees are very important as any other stakeholder as they have first contact with customers. If the customers have any enquiries or want to ask questions they will go to the employers of the business/organisation. If the employers have a bad attitude and lack of communication towards customers will lead to poor reputation for the company with an increase in complaints by people. The organisation will need to focus on trying to recruit the best people which will benefit the business by having them there working. The employers should have good and
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