D1- Evaluate the effectiveness of property law in protecting business organisations

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D1- Evaluate the effectiveness of property law in protecting business organisations.
This assignment will include information about property crime, how businesses deal with it and whether the punishments for property crime are effective enough.
What is property crime?
Property crime is a classification of crime that includes, among other crimes, burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, shoplifting, and vandalism. Property crime only includes the taking of money or property, and doesn’t involve force or intimidation of force against a victim. An example of property crime would be “A supermarket worker who was jailed for stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds of Asda gift vouchers "amassed a fortune" which she
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It removes their freedom to move about in society for some specified period of time. Criminals may realise what they have done wrong and will be deterred from committing further crimes as they fear the consequences of being sent to prison once again. Other potential offenders may get put off from committing crimes as they fear the consequences of being caught and don’t want to spend time in prison. Also businesses will be protected from being victims of property crime as the offender is in prison and with this being publicised other offenders may stop committing crimes. In 201 1,219,000 defendants were found guilty in magistrates' courts and out of that number 119,800 were sentenced to prison from property crime.
Is it effective?
Criminal law is designed to maintain social order and to protect the right of the public.The UK is a capitalist country therefore criminal law is also important in protecting personal property and creating a positive environment for economic activity. But the question is how effective is property crime law? It is only effective to a certain extent, this is because people still commit crimes and if the law was completely effective then no one would commit property crime. If harsher punishments were to be introduced then I think the rate of property would
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