D1- Justify the Proposed Approaches and Methods in Their Health Education Campaign, Relating Them to Models of Behaviour Change

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Bill is a man that has dementia and lives with his niece Jane. He oftens asked the same questions regularly this annoys Jane because she thinks he is doing this on badness, so she shouts into his face this scares and she also pushes him onto his bed, this causes bruising to Bill. This abuse is both physical and psychological abuse. Physical abuse is abuse that hurts the person the body and psychological abuse is harming the person’s mental state. With some forms of abuse in the UK physical and psychological abuse are both at 0.4%. 37% of abusers are family members, the category that Jane is fitted in. While in the Republic of Ireland 1.2% psychological and 0.5% physical of people 65+ were abused.
The physical effect on
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There are many different factors that will affect Bill. With being fearful living alone being the main thing, because he is currently only living with his niece Jane who must of taken care of him on a voluntary basis because they aren’t a very close relation, unlike a parent, grandparent or sibling. So he might think that if he says anything she might dessert him and he could end up living alone with can make him feel very lonely and cause other psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, suicide and/or self-harm.
The proximity of Jane can cause Jane to feel like she can do what she wants to Bill this can hurt Bill in some many different ways because she can harm him financially and neglect him as well as the other ways she already abuses him.

I think that all these long term effects of abuse relate very closely to Bill. But I think that the two that are most linked to Bill are his own mental health and physical health because they can be the things that can cause death to Bill because his mental health is already in a poor state but with the Jane’s abuse towards him it could make it worse with thoughts of suicide and self-harm and the physical side can cause
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