D1D1- Evaluate the Impact of Organisations in Improving Human Health

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D1- Evaluate the impact of organisations in improving Human Health. In this section of the assignment I will be evaluating the impact of organisations in improving Human Health The council has put in place the recycling program, to try reduce and improve human health. The programme has managed to tackle landfills from being full with rubbish that can cause the air to pollute, causing severe damage to human health. The recycling program has had a positive impact on human health, less pollution in the air means people get to live a longer and healthier life because , environmental factors such as pollution is not causing so much damage to the air and environment. A reduction in landfill causes our health to become better as there is…show more content…
The national government put in place the 5p Plastic bag charge, to try to and improve human health. This law has been very beneficial for human health. It is known that plastic bags take over 500 years to break down in landfills and as a result of that these landfills can cause air pollution and land pollution, which can effect individual’s repository system and other illnesses. By having this law in place landfills are not filled up with so much plastic bag rubbish and as a result can be helping improve human health. More reusable bags. As the result of the 5p bag charge it has helped and linked in with recycling, people re using the bags because they want to avoid the 5p charge have helped with recycling , and recycling helps to improve human health as it helps the reduction of rubbish going in to landfills. However there are negative impacts that the 5p charge carries. Many people do not want to get charged for the 5p bag therefore they, would rather just carry their shopping, in either the shopping basket or D2- Compare the effectiveness of organisational approaches to a national or international approaches to a national or international environment health issues. In this assignment I will be comparing the effectiveness of 3 organisational approaches to national or international environmental health issue. International: United Nation has introduced the Agenda 21 to local governments to deal

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