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D2: Evaluates the effectiveness of the use of counselling skills in aiding client’s decision-making process: The ultimate goal of counselling is to enable individuals to make own decisions in life and act accordingly in order to change habits or overcome difficulties that had prevented them to achieve self-actualisation, build self-esteem or just live happily as general. In order to achieve that professionals are using variety of counselling skills and theories for support. One of the theories that is being used is Egan’s skilled helping module. Following the theory, professional first explore the reasons of something to occur and the fears that an individual has that prevent him to achieve his goals. This can be used my methods such as…show more content…
This might help the person realise that there are things that they find attractive about themselves but they had put all of their focus on the things that are not quite perfect. Realising such a things about yourself can make you think about what else is there and how much you can develop and motivate you to make those changes. However, if that person is being told what are their better sides and the opportunity to make those self-discoveries, they might not achieve the same desired result. This encouragement of self-development, reflection and aiding of the thought process as a whole will help the individual develop his processes of perceiving information and confident decision making. For that reason it is important that the professional work in the peace of the client, encourage and price him as this will help him build the confidence he needs to make decisions and act accordingly. Empowering the person to make his own decisions about the strategies he wants to use in order to overcome the obstacles in his life is the core of the final stage of the skilled helping model. In this stage the person should think about setting targets for himself that he is comfortable with. If the counsellor disempower him by setting the targets without consulting the individual that can possess a barrier of resistance and no progress will
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