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Summarise and discuss the presentation of mental health in the two newspaper articles given in Appendix 1

The mental conditions that obstructed with our thinking, feelings, moods, and our ability to associate with other people or carry out our daily functions are referred to as mental illness. It has no regards for race, age, religion and is not a result of weakness or lack of character or our upbringing. (Pilgrim, 2010).

In this essay, I will summarise and discuss the two newspaper articles on mental health in the assignment booklet 2011e. (Open University 2010), as well as discuss the problems relating to diagnosing mental illness, the gain and losses of using medication, the role drugs play in the bio psychosocial treatment
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It set out the description of the illness and a list of the symptoms. Although, the information provided by the Diagnostic and Standard Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM-1V) and the International (statistical) Classification of Disease (ICD) helps the mental health professional with their diagnosis they also need to observe the patient’s to understand the mental illness and its effect on his or her life. (Pilgrim. 2010).

According, (Totaes 2010), psychiatric medication only helps to make psychotherapy more effective, which means that mental health professionals should considered the effect that the bio psychosocial treatment approach has on patients when treating people suffering from mental illness.

The bio psychosocial approach shows that there is an interdependent link between biology, psychology and social effect. Therefore, the first stage of treatment when treating someone suffering from mental illness starts with using drugs such as, antidepressant that increase the serotonin level in the brain to change the brain’s activity. Counselling or psychotherapy to changes how the person thinks and understands which alter or improve the person behaviour. Some medications may work on certain parts of the brain that deals with emotional condition, may also affect other parts so causing a side effect as seen

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