D4-312 is a Home Network Performance Management

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1. Introduction This proposal presents first the significant parameters to assess the performance of D4-312 or home network performance management, the principle of the assessment procedure and the equipment necessary to carry out a measuring campaign. In network such as at home or small office with only a few devices connects to a single modem or router in a single location and topology, network administration with easily can inspect devices and check for differences. However, as the number of computer and handheld devices increases, especially in growing technology and networks with hundreds or thousands of devices, manual device monitoring becomes increasingly difficult with the different type of network such as WAN and LAN. Monitoring…show more content…
The scope for network performance verification is required from the fact that the network supports of guaranteed performance. In the case of a network providing connections without a guaranteed performance, the scope for network performance verification and performance management in general is limited to performance monitoring. The scope of this paper is as follows • Visualize - your network to quickly identify bottlenecks • Identify - impending faults • Monitor - WAN link availability and performance • Measure - network bandwidth and traffic utilization • Analyze - traffic usage patterns • Automate - network change and configuration management • Troubleshoot - VoIP Quality of Service 5. Method There are as many method of measuring network performance as there are equipment vendors. This paper proposes a framework that simplifies the process of network- performance verification and provides a concise view of performance that is aligned with user experience. 5.1) Network Performance Software Application • Network Assessment Observe and testing for network performance software, network administration should first evaluate the needs of their network. Make a list of each network’s needs and then do some research and observation for software that fulfills those needs.

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