DACA Student Bombing Essay

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How sadden I was reading this article, reminding me of how Nazi Germany conducted raids against Jews, and now we are faced with the potential of Trump doing the same, going door-to-door, including at schools, colleges and universities in search of undocumented students. This conversation has ignited a nationwide movement to create sanctuary at colleges and universities as no-go areas for immigration and police authorities.
This is just the beginning as faculty and administration will be called upon to provide refuge and continued support for DACA students, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
This election represented so much, that I could elaborate on, but; for the sake of the article, I will speak to the existing threat to students and their families nationwide, including the nearly 1 million college students that have been enrolled under the (DACA) program.
Institution’s face a harsh reality, that if this law comes into effect they will see a drop in enrollment and funding. In order to be considered an HSI (Hispanic Servicing Institution) the institution must have 25% enrollment of Hispanic students.
DACA has afforded undocumented students the
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Community college administrators are now put in a position where trust is compromised. So what do they do? I say administrators must continue to help these students feel safe in a way that only an individual is capable of doing. If this becomes a law, administrators will be obligated to abide by it, but; this will not limit their ability to show compassion, concern and care and to let them know we are with them. As administrators we may be held accountable for our decisions, but may not be given the authority or power to solve problems. You have to live with, adjust to, and struggle against a bureaucratic structure nearly every day (Jensen, & Giles, 2006,
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