DAX: The Driving Angry Expression Inventory Essay

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The Aggressive Behavior Index (αs = 0.85 to 0.89, current α = 0.87) assesses the frequency (0 to 5+ with 5+ being treated as a 5 in analyses) that the person reported engaging in each of 13 aggressive behaviors while driving in the last 3 months (e.g., yelling at another driver or cutting a driver off in anger). The Risky Behavior Index (αs = 0.83 to 0.86, current α = 0.86) involves reports of the frequency (0 to 5+) with which the person engaged in 15 risky behaviors while driving in the last 3 months (e.g., drinking and driving, driving without a seat belt, or speeding 20 or more mph over the limit). Aggressive and risky behaviors correlate positively with each other, driving anger, hostile driving-related thinking, and verbal, physical …show more content…
It is also important that people find ways to reduce their anger on the road to help prevent unnecessary anger expression. In determining whether the DAX acts as a good instrument in measuring driver anger expression, it needs to be evaluated. In doing so, good evidence for validity and reliability are required, and this will help determine how good of a measure the DAX is. The validity of a test is how well it measures what it is supposed to be measuring. Finding evidence for validity is done in several different ways. Although the first two types of validity that will be mentioned are based on judgment alone, they are still very important because they have to do with the foundation of the test. Face validity is how well the test looks like it is measuring what is it supposed to. For a test like the DAX, good face validity is a requirement in order to be useful in clinical assessment (Deffenbacher et al., 2004a). This is because if a test does not appear to be measuring important element of a construct, people may feel that the test will not help in answering their questions or solving their problems. Content Validity is how well the test measures all the components of a construct. The DAX consists of 49 items and four subscales (Deffenbacher et al., 2001, 2004a, 2004b, Dahlen et al., 2012; Kazemeini et al., 2013). Verbal expression of Anger , Personal Physical, Expression of anger, using

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