DBQ Jury System

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1. Keep a pen or pencil and place your binder on the back table.
2. Each group needs to assign the following responsibilities: . 1 member to be the recorder (secretary) - you will be writing on chart paper.
.1 member to be the leader - lead the group discussions & make sure the group gets the tasks done; keeps track of time
.2 members to present the group final information/consensus Bell Ringer 03/13/2013
 Independently, on the handout provided, match the DBQ terms/vocabulary on the left with the correct definition on the right side (3 min.).  Share with group members your answers, come to a group consensus
(agreement) about each answer (3 min).
 Whole class sharing.

G Jury
D Verdict
A Juror
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Document C Analysis
• 1. Citizenship
• 2. Person who enjoy the right to trial by jury, jurors, and American democracy as a whole. • 3. They believe that the jury system gives ordinary citizens an important role in the oversight of the judicial branch of government. Also it promotes civic virtue and an opportunity for democratic selfgovernment.

Document C Analysis
• 4. By serving on a jury
• 5. This document argues strongly for the civic and democratic values of juries and jury service. The jury system benefits those who serve, those whose cases appear before it, and democracy itself.

Document D analysis
• 1. agree with acquittal- Jose Baez, Joe
Adamson….disagree- Angela Wright,
Janine Gonzalez, Lawson Lamar
• 2. Because the body of Caylee Anthony was found months after she had died, it was impossible to tell exactly how she died. These facts made the prosecution’s case of proving guilt much more difficult.

Document D analysis
• 3. He seems to be implying that the jury did their job and did not speculate (or believe in “science fiction”) beyond the facts. • 4. Some could argue that this case shows just how well the jury system works. The fact that the jurors were not swayed by all the negative media coverage and the rights of the criminally accused are protected. Document D analysis
• 5. Some could argue that this case illustrates the failure of the jury system.
Despite all the evidence pointing to the guilt of the defendant,
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