DBQ: Swahili Vs. Hansa Essay

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DBQ: Swahili vs. Hansa Trading during the Post-classical era from 1000-1450 C.E. were what the many civilizations at that time heavily relied on, it had flourished and arouse to the point where many alliances were created. Many big cities were most notably successful in their trading and alliances. Smaller cities were also able to succeed by having alliance with one another; German Hansa in North Europe and the Swahili cities along the coast of East Africa were among the most successful cities in their trade organizations. Hansa and Swahili shared many similarities; they both craved for money and desired to emphasize their trading sites to extend. Their differences were as important, they were different in their economical, cultural…show more content…
Historically during the 1520s African trade consisted of trading slaves to most of South America as well as Europe, and also at that time Kilwa was one of the best when it came to trading gold and transacting it to merchants (Muslim). An additional document need would be one from a Muslim merchant as well as from a Kilwa merchant expressing their points of views. Document five written by Abdul Hassan ibn Ali al Mas’udi, an Arab traveler, a merchant and a geographer, depicts the trading system used by the Zanj with China and India. As a merchant, traveler, and geographer Mas’udi’s point of view is that he finds out trading sites to which he may inform the king about and also wants to make these trading sites sound amazing. Historically during the late 10th century C.E. trade with India developed in East African coast, markets became focused on urban centers along the coast with concentrations of wealth and power. An additional document needed is that of a geographical map around which shows specific trading sites/systems near the East African coast. Document nine is a document in which it specifically shows Hansa and its trade products. The point of view for this document is that it depicts Hansa’s wealth and expansion in trade showing why Hansa is so

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