DBQ-The Spread Of Islam

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The Spread of Islam
The rise of the Islamic religion and the growth of Islam’s territory happened rather quickly. During the life of their prophet and Islam’s originator, Muhammad, and interestly it even increased after his death, but how? Islam spread so fast after it was originated because of three things: trade, military conquest, and the appeal of its government.
Trade was a large part in why Islam spread so quickly. Mecca had several trading routes. “By the middle of the sixth century… Mecca was … prosperous and important (Doc A).” They were trading through the two main empires: Byzantine and Persian. East Africa, Spain, India, and China also traded with them. Mecca being at the center of the trading system, they brought in many tourists to see the famous holy shrine. With the help of communication people interested in Islam were also drawn because goods were not just traded, but the Islamic culture as well.
Military conquest also played a big role in Islam’s growth. “In the year 636 the Byzantine Emperor… gathered an army… to resist the expansion of Islam. The people… are the… Syrians…
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“... Religion may be protected… defend the lands of Islam… enforce legal penalties… God’s truth may prevail over every religion (Doc E).” The laws in the law book are made to protect people and let conquered lands to practice their own religion, so they seemed fair to others. For example one law is “defend the lands of Islam.” People want to be protected and Muslims were ordered to protect certain lands, as a result people wanted this protection and moved to these places. Another example is “Religion may be protected.” Some people didn’t want to change religions but were under Islamic rule. This law would appeal to them because they would not have to try and overtake the Muslims, so they could have their way. More peace would be achieved and more people would be attracted to Islam, hence making it

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