DBQ : Why Did Islam Spread So Fast?

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Why Did Islam Spread so Fast?

Write a 5-paragraph essay using “How to Write Your Essay” instructions and evidence from Documents A-C.

DBQ: How Did Islam Spread So Quickly?

In 610 A.D., in a cave on the Arabian Peninsula, a merchant from Mecca, Islam named Muhammad was meditating when he was interrupted by the Angel Gabriel, who told him to recite and spread the words that Allah is the one God, which he would later be spread and known as Islam. So, how did Islam spread so quickly? Some people argue that Islam spread so quickly because of trade, military conquest, or treaties, taxes, and toleration. However, the main reasons why Islam spread so quickly was because of military conquest and taxes, treaties, and toleration. To begin with, the main reason why Islam was able to spread so fast was because of treaties, taxes, and toleration. On document c, Abd al- Aziz and Theodemir state “He and [each of] his men shall pay one dinar every year, together with four measures of concentrated fruit juice, four liquid measures of vinegar, four of honey, and four of olive oil.” In other words, the conquered people must either pay their taxes to keep their religion, convert to Islam, or leave to another empire or civilization. This supports my argument because there had to be a lot of conquered people who wanted to keep their religion, so in exchange for their religion, they would have to pay their taxes which help increase Islam’s stability, prosperity, and food surplus. Just as

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