D'Bamboo Home and Garden Shop

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D-Bamboo Home and Garden Shop
Marketing for New and Growing Ventures with Nadia Salamat-Ali
By: Andre Ferguson, Candice Lela-Rolingson, Eric Gransaul, Ken Francis Charles, Melissa Pascal

Company Background
❖ Incorporated in 2007 in Chaguanas ❖ Owner:Harry Laurell-Graduate of the The University of the West Indies ❖ Startup capital of $75K ❖ No market research but tacit knowledge ❖ Company know for high quality H&G products ❖ Rising competition began eroding profits

Company Overview The D’Bamboo Home and Garden Shop was incorporated in 2007 by Harry Laurell, fifteen years after graduating from The University of the West Indies. Laurell, the business was totally funded the startup with $75,000.00 which was every cent of his personal
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Various alternatives were being considered in order to revive the cash generation aspect of the company, alternatives such as relocation and diversification weighed heavily on the mind of the company’s owner. To this end, Harry was concerned of how a relocation may affect the company and also he was uncertain as to what marketing activities should be performed to determine his next move. Define the Issue There are many issues facing D-Bamboo Home and Garden Shop; all of which culminate to create one overarching issue. That issue is ‘How to secure the Immediate to long term survival and sustainability of D-Bamboo Home and Garden Shop.’

Main Issues
Market Research
❖ No market research thereby affecting STP ❖ Unable to notice market failure and opportunities ❖ Unable to match needs due to lack of CRS

❖ Lower than industry standard ❖ Pricing that ignore cost structure ❖ Pricing incongruent with major target group

Main Issues ❖ Pricing- D-Bamboo currently sells items at a lower price than the market is willing to and has accepted previously. Notwithstanding, Harry had begun to raise his price to match the market but still held on to the general pricing policy of wanting to his price to be lower than the competition. Additionally, Harry’s pricing strategy ignores any cost being incurred by the company and simply applies a markup. This could have resulted in revenue being unearned due to this pricing

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