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Encouraging Appropriate Behavior Case Study 2 Case Study 3 Education 304­ B07 Daisy Carvin Liberty University Carvin 1 Encouraging Appropriate Behavior Case Study 2 Carvin 2 ABSTRACT Many teachers are faced with the difficult task of managing their student’s behavior. Even if we have developed the best, most effective classroom management plan we can think of, there will always be a few students who act out or disrupt the flow of learning. This is no different for Ms. Anderson. She is a 5th­grade teacher, who in their second semester together, has run into a disruption problem involving two of her students, Patrick and Zach. Ms. Anderson’s class…show more content…
If he had to mirror appropriate actions during independent work time, Zach would be a perfect partner because he is always quiet. This will likely help improve the interpersonal relationship between Patrick and Zach and help the two be more productive in class without causing disruptions. The strategies for encouraging appropriate behavior listed on the Star Sheets provided are specific praise (verbal and written statements), criterion specific rewards(positive reinforcement system), choice­making (selecting options), effective rules (general rules for the classroom), contingent instructions (specific instructions to one individual), and group contingency (reinforcement techniques for groups) (Curran, C., & the IRIS Center., 2003). In this situation, I would choose choice­making and specific praise for both Zach and Patrick, since they are both causing the disruptions and need to find the same result when it comes to appropriate behavior. For Patrick, I would implement these particular goals for Zach and Patrick because they both desire attention from their teacher and by simply praising them when they complete independent work or correctly answer during class discussions will help them in the long run to become more accustomed to exemplifying appropriate behavior. If Ms. Anderson gives the

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