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Individuals who are deaf or are hearing impaired are faced with many problems in today’s world. There are so many tasks and activities that are done today that deaf or hearing impaired people may have difficulty doing because of there handicap. There handicap used to stop them or inhibit them from doing something that they are interested in or there friends and neighbors would do. However in today there are new and different technologies, that help the deaf and hearing impaired in the activities in which they want to participate in which is hard for them to take part in because of there handicap. Technology is used to help with everyday tasks in the lives of deaf and hearing impaired individuals. With out this new
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Imagine not being able to hear the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning, or the doorbell ring to signal someone is at the door. These are just simple everyday tasks, to hearing individuals, but to the deaf it becomes a challenge that they have to overcome. The challenges do not stop in the home either. They carry outside to the school and to the work force. Deaf individuals are alone in a hearing world and so communication becomes difficult. If a person who is deaf wants to get groceries and they cannot find something they cannot just go up to a store worker and ask like hearing person. They have trouble doing other activities which are every day tasks and leisure’s that hearing individuals enjoy. Some such examples are driving, talking on the telephone, watch television, hearing the doorbell, caring for a baby, talking to another person, fire safety, and other important daily noises which we take for granted. There are so many challenges which deaf people must over come to fit in with everyday society. These difficulties are faced, fixed, and improved through the use of technology. Without these certain technologies deaf people would probably be out casted by certain people, groups, and activities. Recent technologies that are used are teletypewriter, Maryland relay, cochlear implants, and a bunch of small technologies that will help a deaf person with small tasks around the house.

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