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Elaine Mullane 19/04/14 DEM 304 1.1 The key legislations are: 1.2 Having a code of practice is very important when working with people with dementia. People with dementia are considered one of the most vulnerable groups of people in the society. They have rights and they expect a certain standard of work, moral and ethic standard from people who look after them. In my workplace there are policies and procedures to ensure that the rights of the people we look after are protected, and that we are working according to the relevant legislation. Every care staff has the duty of care, which is the legal obligation to make sure the…show more content…
Such a person who was able to discuss some aspect of a decision when they were well may not even remember the question the following day. Physical factors can affect individual state of mind which in turn can affect their decision ability at that particular moment. 3.2 Whilst care support staff always strives to ensure people with dementia receive the best standard of care, there are times when there may be conflicts of interest between company policies, staff code of conduct and the individual. However, it is important to ensure all parties interests are taken care of and most importantly the rights and wishes of the individual. For example, a service user refused to take the medication prescribed by the doctor. I will try to encourage the service user to take the medication by explaining the positive health implications it will have on him/her if they take it, and also the possible consequences if they refused to have the medication. I could also ask a more experienced staff member to explain to them. Finally I will record

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