DFA7130 Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Essay

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Glossary of terms
Section 1
• Introduction
• Learner 1 Profile
• Learner 2 Profile
• What the learning theories tell you about different ways to help learners learn most effectively

• How different types of assessment help in supporting and monitoring learning and helping learners to make progress

• How applying learning and assessment theories might help you to develop and extend your current approaches to enabling and assessing learning

Section 2

• Scheme of Work

• Session Plan

• What you have taken into account when selecting the subject content and learning outcomes.

• How you are supporting/challenging different learners (differentiation).

• How you are embedding language, literacy, numeracy
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The mentor was also there to aid Beth through all aspects of the qualification and marked off her work book as tasks were completed.

After completing her 2 year course at college Beth was successfully employed by the salon and was entrusted with her own client list. Beth still worked closely with her mentor who ensured that Beth put into practice what she had learnt, but more importantly Beth was progressing towards her next level within the industry. Beth took a year out to have a baby but she ensured that she kept up to date in the hairdressing and beauty commerce.

On returning back to work Beth completed all her qualifications and was deemed fully competent in all areas of the hair and beauty industry and in time Beth acted as a mentor to a number of junior stylists.

Motivation and aspirations

Since becoming qualified Beth has been asked by the college she attended as a student to come back and teach evening classes once a week in hair and beauty. Beth had no recognized teaching experience so to enable her to fulfill her position the college offered to pay for her PTLLS qualification. On top of this the salon also wished Beth to not only act as a mentor but as an assessor which would then enable them to work in conjunction with various

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