DGL Case Study: Manufacture of Refinery Equipment

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Case for critical Analysis (DGL International)
The DGL case study is about the manufacture of refinery equipment and its urgent situation. The company has been haired the John Terrill as a new manager to manage its technical services division and informed the urgent situation of technical service division by having the 20 engineers with high paid and educated but least-productive division in the company. The instruction was turn around him.
In the beginning Terrill called the engineers for meeting and showed highly concern about the personal welfare and asked the question about problem, lacked in productivity and turn over. Engineers replied and show many complain without any hesitation. They asked about their job responsibility and response from the management for their work done. They blamed to the management, its negligence about the report and for the further implementation of issues covered by the report. After two-hour discussion in the meeting, Terrill summarized the future plan and condition. He promised the engineer to stay out of their work and feel free to continue the work that has been asked by top management. He prepared the meeting report as a daily report. He can submit his report though mail but he preferred it to bring with him to headquarter for quick and effective response from the board. In fact, he presented himself as a supporter, open minded and highly serious about his job responsibility. According to the two-dimensional model of Black and

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