DHL Marketing Strategy

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Front Page Table of Contents Executive Summary:- Three Entrepreneurs Adrian Dalse, Larry Hillblom and Reober Lynn established a company in 1969 named Deutsche Post DHL. San Fransisco was given honor to start operations and send shipping papers to Honolulu by Air. When talk about overland transport, air freight, ocean logistics the only one name comes DHL operating almost 220 countries worldwide and having 28500 direct employees who are contributing their willing efforts with full dedication to provide speed, reliability in providing services and exceeding expectations of the customer in their all destination customer touch points (12, 0000 walk in customer contact center worldwide) Globalization, political and…show more content…
Opportunities and Threats Online sales and marketing is upcoming opportunity of the new business market and lots of companies have already entered into this business. It is easy to sale anything from online but it is difficult for online retail companies to establish a supply chain/ courier structure to deliver goods to destination. Business case in contracting with these companies as their courier partner is a good opportunity for express companies like DHL. Companies are outsourcing their departments of supply chain which are not a part of their core business so it is very easy to insource any supply chain department for a DHL as its core business is based on supply chain model; it will be a very cost effective business case for DHL. Fluctuated fuel price is now becoming a critical concern, no matter what fuel prices are DHL has to deliver a parcel to its destination and certainly these prices have no link with the economic or political back ground of the countries as the fuel prices are set internationally PESTLE Analysis Political and legal Political and Legal aspect effect the company in the same way. As political environment formulate these kinds of laws and regulation that are effected within the transportation and logistics industry. Its more than 3 decades that DHL exists so their growth was due the capitalization strategy which was firm to make opportunities form a number of external factors they
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