DHSS Investigator Case Study

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Cristina, you have shown that you have knowledge of the DHSS administrative policies and procedures, which is evident in your daily activities. You have shown an understanding of the importance of confidentiality as observed in your conversations on the Agent line. Cristina, you have learned the daily routine of our office as well as what is necessary to support Investigators, Assessors, and Supervisors. Cristina, you have shown some knowledge of our office technology, software, systems, and equipment, and continue to educate yourself. You have asked questions as they arise regarding the equipment and systems and learn quickly. You have responded to Agent Line calls with individuals of diverse cultures and backgrounds, and I have not received…show more content…
You possess a pleasant demeanor which is an asset to our office. You have accepted and completed all assignments without complaint and provide assistance to others when asked. Cristina, you accepted the task of reorganizing and updating the office resource shelf which is available for all staff use. You respond promptly to all emails and phone calls within the department. Cristina, you recently were directed to create spreadsheets with data derived from Case Compass that detailed Investigator caseload information for the 2016 calendar year, which you completed accurately and before the due date. You have shown the ability to remain calm and professional during intense Agent Line calls with agitated participants, providers, and family members. Cristina, you are able to accept constructive criticism professionally and are learning the various Offices, Units, and Vendors with which you serve as a liaison to. Cristina, you have met most if not all of the stated objectives for the job component Situational Responsiveness…show more content…
Cristina, you have shown knowledge of the Department’s policies and procedures as well as Regional Protocols. Cristina, you have also shown you have knowledge of HCBS and can utilize that knowledge appropriately on the Agent Line. Cristina, you continue to show strength in the area of working independently and with minimal coaching regarding the Agent Line and office maintenance. You continue to show you have the skills required to react to stressful situations calmly and appropriately. Cristina, you continue to educate yourself on our technology, systems, and resources, and ask questions as they arise. You have shown the ability to willingly accept assignments of varying nature and complete them accurately and timely. Cristina you are considered a reliable member of the team, as well as considered by your team mates to be cordial, positive and respectful. Cristina, you are encouraged to continue to gather community resource information for callers, continue to make contact with various departments/units/vendors, and continue to educate yourself on the office technology and equipment. Overall, Cristina you have met most if not all of the required job components
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