DIACAP : Analysis And Outline Of The Dod Information Systems

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authority to operate and undertake reviews, while lastly being decommissioned. DIACAP has been observed to offer visibility and management for the safe running of the DoD information systems. In many cases, DIACAP considers business or mission need, the safety of individually obvious facts, protection of the data being processed and safety of the surrounding of the system's facts. Various artifacts constitute the DIACAP package. Accordingly, the System Identification Profile (SIP) comprises the set of facts collected during registration of the system (Department of Defense, n.d.). The other element entails DIACAP Implementation Plan (DIP) which represents the model with regard to system implementation and the current enactment status of…show more content…
Another step involves security checks upon implementation and describes agency-level threat to the business scenario or the mission. It similarly entails sanctioning the information system for processing and lastly constant monitoring of the security controls. FISMA and NIST's standards are aimed at offering the ways for agencies to achieve their identified missions with safety commensurate with the threat (United States Department of Agriculture, 2015). Together with guidelines from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), FISMA and NIST create a framework for advancing and growing an information security scheme (SecureIT, 2008). Such framework includes control descriptions and evaluation, program development, and system certification and accreditation. The final objective involves conducting daily functioning of the agency and achieving the agency's articulated objectives with sufficient security commensurate with risk. HIPAA Compliancy: Process The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) secures protected health information (PHI) from unsanctioned access. PHI comprises any identifiable facts regarding a patient that may be composed of their address, name, and medical records number. HIPAA offers regulations that are needed for enhanced data security that is increasingly distinct to the health care industry. Usually, patients are the main

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