DINA in Chile

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INTERNAL ASSESSMENT To what degree were the measures taken by the DINA effective in stopping opposition to Pinochet from 1973 to 1977? Gaby Chiongbian

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Section A: Plan of Investigation In June of 1974 Augusto Pinochet and the Junta formally established the Directorate of National Intelligence also known as the DINA (Kornbluh 157) and was a prominent branch of Pinochet’s regime until 1977. The DINA was key in consolidating Pinochet’s power in Chile by eliminating opposition. In order to determine the to what degree were
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The CIA had these files in order to keep tabs on the Chilean government. The United States had allied them with Pinochet’s government, however, they soon got reports of human rights violations and so they began to look into the secret police of Chile. The document had the purpose of reporting the organisational structure of the DINA and the function of each branch back to the CIA headquarters. Being written in the midst of the DINA’s peak it allows one to see the structure in which things thrived for the secret police. Not only does it show the structure but the positions and branches within the DINA, which can serve as an evaluation of how extensive the DINA’s coverage was in gathering intelligence and apprehending opposition. Although, having not been written by the DINA themselves
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