DIRA Case Study

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Once an event has gone through the screening process at DHS and has been identified as an event of interest that requires heightened security, DIRA will assign the event a case number. The case number will be assigned to all documents deposited in the database for the event for easy retrieval. A notification will be sent out by DIRA (by a pre-designated method determined by the specific agency/stakeholder; secure FAX, encrypted email, text etc.) to local law enforcement, County/City/State commissioners, Department of Transportation, Local, State and Federal Government Officials etc., in the area that there are files available for the NSSE for an upcoming event. This will provide those agencies with the case number, event title, times and date for reference. All of the participating agencies with DIRA will be able to access the databank by using a PIV Card, User ID and Password and have access to important files and obtain real time status reports 24 hours a day/7 days a week. DIRA has employed an expert staff of subject matter experts (SME’s) that will be available to assist local businesses, local/state and federal agencies in developing sufficient plans of action when planning for an event. DIRA will also collect and analyze data regarding event successes and failures during an actual event and provide…show more content…
The FBI uses eight factors to arrive at four Special Event Readiness Levels (SERLs). The SERLs relate to anticipated levels of FBI support, but the eight factors are relevant to local law enforcement: size of event; threat (including known threats to the specific event); historical, political, or symbolic significance; duration; location; cultural, political, and religious backgrounds of attendees; media coverage; and dignitaries attending.” (Connor,
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