DISC Behavior Assessment

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Going into this course I had a fairly good understanding of my personality, but had never taken a leadership style assessment. In reviewing my DiSC assessment it seemed to align with what I have been told by superiors, friends, and family. I have a tendency to take logic to an extreme which means that I have a tendency to lock out the human emotional side of a project. This often has lead me to precise and quick results in almost every case. That being said it has also ended in poor results when working on projects or in teams when emotion is necessary and the human factor is crucial to meet the project goals. These experiences have helped shape and mold my reactions to specific personalities and project objectives. Therefore I have found the analytical side of my leadership should be dominant, but it needs to be sheathed in a soft touch in order to ensure optimum effectiveness. If someone is to hard you act like hardened steel it will shatter instead of bending. I will continue with how the DiSC assessment has helped me grow and how it will help in my future endeavors. The DiSC assessment labels me as a resolute leader. My leadership style is described as efficient high quality without sacrificing speed. Speed is accomplished by an uncompromising attitude about staying on task and focusing on only the facts. Quality is brought forth by an attention to detail and desire for logic to dictate our actions. When I read this description I immediately saw an issue, despite
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