DLIS Project Risk Management Plan

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1. Overview
The Business Impact Analysis identifies the impact of a sudden loss of business functions. The impact is often quantified in a cost. BIA also helps you identify the systems critical to the survival of an organization.

1.1 Purpose
After completing the RA plan and Risk Mitigation Plan for DLIS, senior management has now decided to implement has decided that the risk manager should continue to develop an RA plan based on inputs from earlier project deliverables. We have now been assigned to create this new BIA plan.

2. System Description
DLIS is an organization within the DLA, which is the largest logistics combat support agency for the department of defense and is located in Battle Creek, Michigan. DLIS uses the latest technology to create,
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• Software- antivirus able to mitigate vulnerabilities, updates, patches
• Hardware- switches, servers, printers, workstations, routers
• User- IT, HR, management, payroll

Potential Hazard Critical Business Functions Maximum Acceptable Outage Cost Recovery Requirements
Natural Disaster Loss of revenue, business, equipment, network failure 1 day Depends on severity of damage Alternate location, offsite backup storage
Fire Loss of Revenue, clients, business, equipment, communications, network failure 1 day Depends on severity of damage Alternate locations, offsite backup storage, new equipment will need to be purchased
Network Failure All 1-4 hours Loss of revenue and clients, network costs Make sure emergency contact list is in place, backup all data
Human Error Open computer, weak passwords, unauthorized usage, lost devices, disclosure of information 1-3 hours malware, network crash, unencrypted information being leaked Training, AUP, password policies, encryption, system monitoring
Hacking, Unauthorized Intrusions Loss of critical information, loss of revenue, loss of clients, worst case network crash 1-3 hours Stolen information, clients Keep backups current and offsite, use VPN, password
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