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1 General Information 15.060: Data, Models, and Decisions Professors Vivek Farias, Robert Freund, and Cynthia Rudin Fall 2012 Description 01 2 Many managerial decisions—regardless of their functional orientation—are increasingly based on analysis using quantitative models from the discipline of management science. Management science tools, techniques and concepts (e.g., data, models, and software programs) have dramatically changed the way businesses operate in manufacturing, service operations, marketing, transportation, and finance. This subject is designed to introduce first-year Sloan students to the fundamental techniques of using data to make informed management decisions. In particular, we will focus on…show more content…
Because mastery of the basic mechanics is necessary for effective and discerning usage of the concepts, we require that you do the homework assignments individually. In addition to their value as learning exercises, doing a careful and thorough job on the homework assignments is the best preparation for the final examination of the course. There are three types of assignments: Read, Prepare and Hand In. Read: When the assignment is to Read some material, this reading is an important introduction to the topics to be discussed in class. We will proceed on the assumption that you have done the reading before class and have understood much (but not necessarily all) of it. When the assignment is to Read a problem, that problem will often be used in class to introduce new concepts. You should be familiar with the problem, but you will not be expected to have fully analyzed it before the discussion in class. Prepare: Fully analyze the problem. Be ready to discuss it in class, with model equations formulated, the numbers computed, etc. We will cold-call on people, so please be ready. 15.060 Data, Models, and Decisions Professors Farias, Freund, Rudin General Information/Syllabus Fall 2012 3 Hand In: The same as Prepare, but you must turn in your analysis. All written assignments must be

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