DNA Analyst Personal Statement

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DNA analysis involves a number of tests and instrumentation, from PCR amplification, SDS PAGE analysis, DNA purification, fluorescent DNA analysis, to Y-Chromosome analysis (to name a few). Forensic scientists, not only DNA analysts, are also often called upon to appear in court as expert witnesses to verify and explain findings. Therefore, in order to perform this job well, I must have intimate knowledge of laboratory procedures and well as court-room proceedings. To work as a forensic DNA analyst, a Bachelor’s degree in a physical or life science, preferably Biology, is required. I have already begun this portion of my plan, as I am currently majoring in Biology with a cellular and molecular concentration and a minor in Chemistry. After obtaining…show more content…
The Criminalistics program is a three year program, meaning that the entire program will cost me around $ 22,824, not including any additional lab fees, books, transportation, and other expenses. In order to pay for this while gaining valuable skills and training, I have already begun to apply to a number of externships, such as labwork in Orange County. My undergraduate education is already helping me to prepare for this post-graduate education by allowing me to fulfill many of the course requirements to apply to their program. General Chemisty, Organic Chemisty, Analytical Chemisty, General Biology, Genetics or Biostatistics, and General Physics are the pre-requistite courses for the Criminalistics program at Cal State LA. Boston University’s Biomedical Forensic Science program does not list the pre-requisite courses on their website on in the handbook provided. In the future, I will attempt to attend one of their information sessions, either in-person or via webcam. Other programs require statistics and Instrumental Analysis, which I will need to take either in my senior year of my undergraduate schooling or at a community college
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