DNA and Pregnancy are a Reality in the Movie, Gattaca

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GATTACA In class, we watched the movie GATTACA. There were several ways in which this movie related to what we are learning and discussing in class. This movie was able to make everything more clear as it showed and explained concepts in more description. This movie seemed very futuristic and science fiction to me but the key concepts dealing with DNA and pregnancies are reality. When Jerome’s parents visited a genetics center for a second child, the geneticist stated that he took the liberty of getting rid of any potential harmful or threatening conditions that could cause issues such as premature baldness, alcoholism, addictive susceptibility, propensity for violence and obesity, and many others. Jerome’s father then asked if they should leave some things to chance. The geneticist responded by saying that they want to give their child the best possible start and that there is already enough imperfection already built-in. I do not believe that it was at all irresponsible for the father to want to leave some things to chance. In my opinion, I think that some things should be left to chance because no matter what you decide for your child, it doesn't plan out their whole entire life. I also think that knowing everything about your child before they are born ruins the surprise factor and you know almost exactly what to expect. Some families may enjoy knowing everything about their unborn child but I believe that leaving things to chance creates surprise and

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