DNA is Everywhere

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DNA is found in everything everywhere. DNA is shaped like a double helix, which means it is double stranded and is connected by hydrogen bonds. Mendel did an experiment that showed the principles behind inheritance. The structure of DNA essentially explains how genetic information is passed from the parents to the offspring. One of the two strands in the double helix of DNA can be used as a blank template for creating an identical DNA molecule. Then sexual reproduction happens and genetic information is passed but if any complications or errors occur then mutations can happen. Turner Syndrome is only found in females. This syndrome is caused by the absence of an X chromosome or the nondisjunction of the X chromosome. This is a chromosomal disorder meaning “an abnormal condition due to something unusual in an individual's chromosomes.” Turner Syndrome is due to a chromosome mutation rather than a gene mutation. The missing X chromosome affects the development of the female. Usually Turner Syndrome is not inherited from the parent and “occurs as a random event during the formation of reproductive cells in the affected person's parent.” Sometimes the egg loses a sex chromosome as a result to nondisjunction and in this case resulting in Turner Syndrome. As you can tell you cannot necessarily predict if your child is going to have Turner Syndrome because it is random. Fortunately, it is rare that Turner Syndrome is passed from one generation to the next generation.

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