DNS and Internet Infrastructure

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DNS is one of the most critical components of the Internet Infrastructure. Many important services – including Web and email can function only because of the DNS. Every object has an identity by which it can be recognized. For human begins, the name, birthdate, social security numbers are the identifiers. For internet host, the hostname is an identifier. For example, www.yahoo.com, www.cnn.comgives user a very easy clue do identify that these websites are belong to which server on the internet. This hostnames are made of variable length which is difficult for routers to process. So IP addresses are used to overcome this issue. The DNS is very important to the internet which is primarily used for the mapping of hostnames to IP addresses. At a very high-level, there are primarily three main hierarchical and distributed levels of DNS servers with the top most hierarchical DNS server known as DNS Root Server. The second level DNS servers are known as Top-Level-Domain (TLD) DNS servers. The third and the lowest level DNS servers are known as authoritative DNS servers. The main purpose of designing hierarchical DNS Servers is to improve the DNS server’s scalability which was an issue with having a centralized DNS server. DNS provides various other services apart from the task of converting host names to IP address. It also carries some potential issues with respect to the security due to the underlying protocols. These protocols sometimes are not designed with authentication and

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