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On Thursday, 10/22/2015 the claimant stated he reported for work pain-free and was not suffering from any pain or discomfort from four other work related injuries that he reported as claims and received judgments. The claimant was unable to account for the real dates of his past work-related injuries that occurred between 2010 and 1/2013. The claimants past industrial-related injuries ranged from a left wrist injury, head injury and two separate right wrist injuries which he says did not include any injury to any other body parts. Claimant Gomez stated the real DOI: for his current claim was incorrect. The correct DOI: allegedly occurred on Thursday, 10/22/2015 and had two of his co-workers, Lead Man, Shane Thompson and Park Maintenance 3,…show more content…
Ross Montes, to drive one of the cities stake bed trucks back to the City Yard for an upcoming auction. Claimant Gomez stated when he drove the stake bed towards City Yard; the stake bed truck ran out of gas, which he was unable to restart the truck. He alleges that Mr. Montes later showed up where he ran out of fuel and towed the stake bed that he tried to control as Mr. Montes were towing it. He said as he tried to steer without any power steering the turning of the steering wheel made the pain to his right shoulder to exacerbate to the point where he felt as if “his right shoulder was coming out from its socket.” Once he and Mr. Montes arrived at City Yards, Claimant Gomez claimed he reported his right shoulder injury to Supervisor Roy Chavez and informed him that he was “going to call the nurse for precautionary measures.” Mr. Montes claimed he completed an incident report on the DOI: 10/22/2015 but never received authorization from Mr. Chavez to be seen at a medical clinic. The claimant stated the co. The nurse instructed him to ice his right shoulder and to take molten, without referring him for medical
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