DP Plans for City Level Infrastructure Facilities

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CHAPTER 5: CONCLUSION The DP is a broad-brush development vision for the city. DP is a dynamic document which then is detailed gradually. The DP plans for city level infrastructure facilities. Every state has the provision for preparation of such city level spatial plan laid out under their respective Town Planning Acts which in turn provides for city level facilities and amenities. City level infrastructures are marked and planned at DP level while neighbourhood facilities are carved out at neighbourhood level planning. In GTPUDA-1976 there are provisions for providing neighbourhood level social infrastructure under the TPS mechanism. Town planning scheme is used very effectively and successively across Gujarat. It has proven that TPS mechanism is best tool if it is used at its fullest for generating neighbourhood level social infrastructure. From the case study of AUDA, 132 ft ring road it is found that through TPS mechanism large amount of land can be generated for providing infrastructure which can serve city level facility. At places where such facilities are already available, the land made available from deductions has also been used for generating revenue. In case study of GUDA TPS-19 large scale city level institutional area could be carved out due to larger amount of government land in the particular TPS. At present time when the delineations are done majority of land is used in facilities which are generating revenue. A city level or district level road will

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