Da Vinci Code, A Character Analysis of Sophie Neveu Essay

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When Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is called to The Louvre on account of Jacques Sauniere's death, he is greeted by a carefully placed arrangement of clues the curator all so strategically left behind. One clue was an anagrammed grouping of the Fibonacci sequence. At first glance the structure seems like randomly strewn numbers, but Langdon knows that Sauniere is a smart man, and that they must mean something. Before he can possibly make any sense of it, Agent Sophie Neveu from the DCPJ's Cryptology Department arrives to break the code. While at the museum she reveals privately to Langdon that they are both in great danger. The Judicial Police think that Langdon has killed Sauniere - Sophie's grandfather. It was not by…show more content…
Sophie's name becomes a key in solving it, proving her importance all along. Perhaps the most important characteristic about Sophie is a secret that has been kept from her throughout her whole life. She was told at a young age that the reason she grew up with her grandfather was because her parents were in a car crash. As far as we know, the information was true, but the reasons ran deeper. Sophie's family got split up to protect itself. Sophie and her family are direct descendants of Jesus Christ. In the event that Ms. Neveu were to ask for an evening spent in my company, I would be very honored and obliged to join her. She has an amazing history, and is an extremely intellectual being. It would be a major highlight to speak to someone who is a descendant, and to find out her views on her recently found "glory." Not only would I let her pay for the evening out, but there are a few questions I'd like to ask her. Firstly, I'd feel the need to ask Ms. Neveu how she feels about walking out of her grandfathers life. I'm sure she holds feelings of regret and possibly even some shame for disowning him. Of course, I understand where she was coming from at the time, but she perhaps should have given him the time of day to explain the mishap. In addition, I'd like to know how she
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