Da Vinci's Long-Lasting House In Paris

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and patron king Francois I. Francois preserved the painting in his private quarters at The Palace of Fontainebleau. Then it was passed on to Louis XV he took the Mona Lisa to the Palace of Versailles and then following the portrait was hung in Napoleon’s bedroom in the Tuileries Palace. Later on in the year 1793 the Mona Lisa found a long-lasting home in Paris at the Louvre museum when it open for the first time. Overall, the Mona Lisa is one of Da Vinci’s numerous works of art. Which is a work of genius to wonder at to date. When people first look at her they cannot help, but take notice that she has an intriguing look on her face. The look remains people of a woman that is not cheerful nor unhappy. Her skin is smooth and she has no imperfections,
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