Essay on Dachau Concentration Camp in World War II

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The Holocaust was the elimination of millions of Jews. This terrible incident left many families and innocent people scarred. There were few survivors and most died in very harsh and cruel ways. Dachau Concentration Camp was a very cruel death camp where many Jews were executed during World War II. The Jewish population before the Holocaust was 9,793,700. Though Jewish people were judged for many reasons such as their beliefs or way of life, the Jewish were doing fine and for the most part were happy. Then after Adolf Hitler gained so much power, the Jews began to be eliminated. It all started with concentration camps “In March 1933, the first concentration camp for political dissenters opened at Dachau” (Bartel 5). Dachau was the first…show more content…
Nine years after Dachau opened, the crematorium area was located beside the main camp. The old crematorium and the new crematorium was included. There was also a gas chamber, however there isn’t any credible evidence that the gas chamber in Barrack X was used to murder human beings. The gas chambers were actually for something called “selection”. Selection was when all of the Jews at the camp would go to the gas chambers to be evaluated. If a Jew was marked down as not strong enough to do work or too sick then they were sent to the Hartheim "euthanasia" killing center near Linz, Austria. Many Jewish people were killed this way. The crematoria are was also where the SS camp guards would kill prisoners; they would also kill the prisoners at the firing range. Another way that the Jewish People and prisoners were killed at Dachau was when German physicians would do medical experiment on the prisoners “including high-altitude experiments using a decompression chamber, malaria and tuberculosis experiments, hypothermia experiments, and experiments testing new medications. Prisoners were also forced to test methods of making seawater potable and of halting excessive bleeding” ("Dachau"). During this process there were hundreds of prisoners left dead, or with permanent disabilities. During World War II all of the Jews were forced to do work “Prisoners were forced to do this work, starting with the
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