Dad: A Fictional Narrative

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I’m doing wonderful in the big house we live in in California. Its amazing. Tommy acts like a dad to me and sometimes I catch myself calling him dad. When I do he seems to glow brighter and it makes me smile knowing I’m making him happy. I smile all the time now these days. My hairs changing color the closer I get to my birthday. But that's next year. Its black, red, blue, and purple stripes running down my bangs now instead of brown. Tommy says its my powers growing. I guess its true because I can feel it growing. “Dad, I’m tired. Can I go to bed early tonight?” I ask after dinner. “Sure thing, Hun. Good night.” Tommy says, taking a swig of milk. I shake my head and climb the stairs to my bedroom. My room isn’t a girly color like other girls. Its more of a guy's…show more content…
He’s smirking like he knew I was coming back. “Hello again. Long time no see.” Johnny says. I grimace. Hearing his voice is like daggers to my heart. It replays in my head over and over again like a wagon wheel rotating. “Hello, Johnny.” I say, nervously. “First names now. Well, Artena, what brings you to this place?” “Nightmares.” Might as well tell the truth. “Yes, nightmares. Of course I’m one of them aren’t I.” It wasn’t a question. “You always will be.” “Now, Artena, is that how you treat your father. I thought I taught you better than that.” “You never will be a father of mine!” I scream. “I’m afraid I will always be a father of yours.” “NO! YOU NEVER WILL!” I holler. I’m shaken awake. I’m violently shaking as my lungs fill with fresh air. “Artena?” “Dad, I’m scared.” I whisper hugging him. “Don’t be.” Tommy whispers back, placing his chin on top of my head. “He was there again.” “I know.” “He will always be there. Won’t he?” I ask. “He always will.” We finally packed all our things into our cars. Tommy bought me a Volvo X90 for my birthday. This is my fifth time driving it since I passed my drivers test. “All packed?” Asked
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