Dad Shaking Me Narrative

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I remember Dad shaking me, telling me it's getting time to head back in. Stretching and opening my eyes, I realized I must have been asleep for at least 2 hours. “Nothing at all?” I question in my obviously-just-woken voice. “Nothing at all.” He states. I couldn’t help but laugh at how he looked. You would if you saw him too. His hair was disheveled and he had the black camouflage paint smeared all over his face. He made a goofy face and scratched the call again. Instead of a turkey it sounded like a cricket screeching. “Whatever.” I whispered, humor most definitely evident in my voice. I bent down to my knees about to pack up our belongings and head into my Grandpa’s house to tell him we had no success. But I noticed my dad go still behind…show more content…
I could barely hear the words spoken right next to me because my heart was thundering in my chest and I was one hundred percent sure my dad could hear it as much as I could. I suddenly felt way to hot in my jacket and my hands felt to slick with sweat in my gloves. I inched off my jacket, wanting to get out of this tied up trap, I slid down my gloves, hoping it would help to get them out of the compact space. I huffed out a breath and put my hands on the gun. They instantly chilled my hot fingers and gave me more confidence. I didn’t realize my hands were shaking out of control until I had to aim. My whole body was on complete fire and I still couldn’t hear my dad's words because my heart was clearly overtaking my ability to hear. Dad enveloped one of my hands in his and the gun was steadied instantly. I looked down the barrel, preparing the shot and watching with one eye closed. Up, down, up, down,up, down the blue colorful head went. Me and Dad followed it with our hands and when the turkey got the idea that the decoy was just decoy, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled the trigger and the gun blew any other thoughts in my mind. I flew back into my dad because of the forceful kick and we nearly toppled over. My ears still ringing, I look at the turkey that now was laying lifelessly on the ground and I felt the biggest smile take over my
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