Dada Has a Flashback

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da has a flashback of her first time in a plane, and she started to think about dusting crops with her dad just before he died. She come out of her flashback and has just been informed there has been an attack by the Japanese. She goes into another flashback of her dad just before he died.

August 1943

Ida's brother, Thomas, has been at war for a year and a half in counting. Ida realizes that she wants to continue flying so she wants to become a WASP in the U.S Army.


Ida goes into her dad's old flying box in the attic. She goes through the files and finds her dad's old flying license. She takes his license and and replaces it with her own picture. She rubs out the letters in his name and the date of birth. She is going to try to pass as a white girl. She goes in for a WASP interview, and the interviewer liked her confidence, attitude, and respect and wishes Ida good luck on her training.


Ida got her accptance letter from WASP. She leaves her home to go to training camp. When she got on the bus she was feeling sick, and another soon-to-be WASP helped her out. Turns out that the girl is Patsy, her new best friend.

The bus reaches Avenger FIeld, and the girls get lined up and their names are called. Soon they go to their bunk house and share their stories on why they wanted to be a WASP. The next day they start their training.


The girls meet their instructor, Martin. They get parachutes and are ready to fly. The plane they are about to fly is
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