Daddy By Silvia Plath Essay

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The Significance of a Father
A Father is an important part of a daughter’s life, they are there to guide, mentor, and protect their daughters. In the Poem My Father in the Navy Judith Ortiz Cofer shows how here relationship with her father has had a positive impact to her. While the poem Daddy by Silvia Plath shows the negative relationship with her father hinders her. Both Poem explore the complexity of relationship with fathers.
Both Poems My Father in the Navy and Daddy shows the importance of that relationship between fathers and daughters. In which the relationship between a father and daughter can impact them in both in negative and positive aspects. An example of this is in both poems the speakers had to deal with absent fathers. Both
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In the poem Plath is showing her hatred for her father. Plath uses tone to describes her strict, heartless father, but also describes him as “no less a devil” desperate to disremember him. Plath also uses Symbolism to show the distastes she has for her father. In the Poem she compares her father to Hitler stating “I have always been afraid of you, with your Luftwaffe, your gobbledygoo . And your neat mustache and your Aryan eye, bright blue. Panzer-man, panzer-man” (41-45). This shows that her father was an authoritarian who showed little to no feeling and love toward her. Another example of symbolism is when Plath compares herself to a Jew. She was explaining that her life was like she was in a concentration camp “chuffing me like a Jew. A Jew to Dachau, Auschwitz, Belsen. I began talking like a Jew, I think that I might as well be a Jew” (32-34).
In conclusion a father is a significant figure in a daughter’s life. In which he should influence, encourage, and empower their daughters. In the poem My Father in the Navy, Cofer shows her father positive relationship influences her life. In contrast the poem Daddy, Plath shows disastrous relationship negatively impact her life. Both of these poems examine the convoluting relationship between fathers and
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