Daijohna Lloyd-Shorter. Dr. Herrmann. 13 March 2017.

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Daijohna Lloyd-Shorter Dr. Herrmann 13 March 2017 Cyberbullying Cyberbullying has been a big problem for teens and adults around the world. Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. For most cyberbullying isn’t anything serious it’s just a person just joking around or just speaking their mind but its more than that its feelings being involved families being broken even hearts. Megan Taylor Meier was the first cyberbullying suicide reported on October 17, 2006. After a further investigation on her death they soon found out he ex friend and her mother mad a fake Myspace…show more content…
This shows that many people can be cyber harassed in many ways and it could affect them in many ways also this is because some people think social media is a free source to say whatever and bully people. Over the years there have been laws established and organizations to prevent and regulate social media harassment. The National Conference of State Legislators regulates cyber harassments by filing statistics on Facebook, Twitter and Ask.FM and how it impacts cyberbullying also they file cyberbullying on smartphones and sexting. This helps to stop cyberbullies because this is the number one cause of suicide deaths. Cyberbullying should be stop completely there are kids as young as nine that are victims of cyber harassment. These regulations help but we need everyone to cooperate and stop the “friendly opinions that didn’t mean no harm”. The Government laws has changed cyberbullying also forty-nine states now have anti-bullying laws. For instance, Illinois requires schools to do social-emotional learning exercises to prevent bullying. During the exercises, students describe their emotions during a stressful event or recognize the emotional reactions to stress. On the punishment side, five states don’t have any

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