Daily Napping To Keep You Happy.With Only 24 Hours In A

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Daily Napping to Keep You Happy With only 24 hours in a day, it can get pretty hard to fit everything that you want to get done all in that day. Although it is recommended that teenagers and adults get around eight hours of sleep every night, with such busy lifestyles, it gets difficult to achieve a good night’s sleep often. For example, many students have to balance out their school, work, and social lives, while leaving in some room to eat and sleep. This lack of sleep can lead to a decrease in focus and memory retention, as well as an increase in stress, and serious health risks. It’s no secret that many teenagers and adults are heavily sleep deprived, but no one seems to be addressing that issue. To promote physical well-being and…show more content…
In fact, most schools and workplaces in the U.S do not give their students and workers a break, aside from their lunch break. Often times, one will see students falling asleep in class at their desk, or one might notice the many students who are too tired to focus in school. In fact, working straight through the work day may cause “fatigue and performance impairments”, especially for night shift workers (“Napping”). This tiredness can be carried on throughout the day after school or work, and when those exhausted people get behind the wheel, there can detrimental consequences. In a 2006 study, researchers at the Sleep Medicine and Research Center affiliated with St. John 's Mercy Medical Center and St. Luke 's Hospital in St. Louis, MO, they looked at the effectiveness of taking naps to cope with sleepiness during the night shift. In the end, they found that “naps improved alertness and performance among shift workers” (“Napping”). With that being said, to approach the issue of sleep deprivation among students and adults, schools and workplaces should adjust their schedules to fit in a time for napping, even if that results in slightly longer workdays. By adding a designated time in schools and workplaces to nap, its people will be more energetic, motivated, and focused throughout the day; therefore, they will perform better. As stated in the medical journal Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience by Ursula Debarnot, “A wide range of

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