Dairy: Milk and Clover

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Clover S.A. (Proprietary) Limited (“Clover”) is the biggest dairy processor in South Africa with a turnover of R 4.3 billion and staff in excess of 6 000. Clover collects approximately 30% of South Africa’s milk supply and processes it into well known branded dairy and related products which is then distributed nationally and even exported into certain African countries In this document, Clover’s external opportunities and threats, and its internal strengths and weaknesses will be evaluated in order to complete the relevant matrices, whereafter the Grand Strategy Matrix will be used to devise appropriate strategies to deal with the key opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses Mission and Vision Statements: Clover’s mission…show more content…
Its flagship upliftment programme, Mama Afrika, currently supports in excess of 10 000 people. Appropriately, Clover views this project along the following lines: “Clover’s flagship CSI philosophy is underpinned by the principle of sustainability; instead of giving people handouts, it is investing in projects that empower communities and enhance their ability to become self-sufficient in the long term. “We teach the Mamas how to fish rather than give them the fish.”” According to Clover, it believes that: “The company is inextricably part of the community and will therefore, in terms of support and development, accept its social responsibility; Profitability and growth are pre-requisites to fulfill its social responsibility within financial means; The community, primarily has to accept responsibility for its own well-being and will only within means, be supported in this; It creates wealth through company taxes, employee taxes and levies which enable government to establish and maintain essential infrastructure like roads, education and health services; Opportunities for work and prosperity are not only created within the business, but that it, indirectly, contributes to job creation and combating poverty.” It furthermore enforces strict environmental disposal techniques in order to protect the environment. It is therefore that

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