Dairy Realms: A Narrative Fiction

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"Yo!" I just found a twenty on the ground." Ryan said. "You shouldn't pick that up bro!" Jay Quan shouted. Ryan looked back at a Jay Quan and shouted "And what I do pick it up what are you going to do?" "Huh?" Jay Quan puzzled and replied "All I'm saying is if u keep that up it isn't going to be good for the both of us." Later that afternoon Jay Quan when downtown to go get some dinner at Dairy Queens. On their way there they met up with a man. The man wore a black coat with a black fedora and white shoes. He had the posture of one of the Queen's Guards. The moment seemed like days with the transaction they were doing. After the man left he dropped something that was blackish grayish that looked something like a rock. Jay Quan picked grabbed it and went. "Jay?" "Yeah?" "Who was that man do you know him? "No he must of came in place of Marco." "You know Marco right?" "Marco...?" "Doesn't he work for one of the Kings?" "I don't know maybe he works with the Mafia." "The Mafia! "What are doing with the Mafia?"…show more content…
By the time Jay Quan gets home he finds a note from his mom. The Note read " I am sorry that I have to leave you this way but there is no other choice. " "I left some money that you can make on your own for a month but you should get a job. " Sincerely, Your Lovely Mom." Jay Quan's mom was always full of herself but he didn't think this would happen not yet at least. He thought he had a year two to get a job. He was 22 I think he should have a Job by now but his mother babied him like he was on of those forever my baby son boys. A month past and Jay Quan needed to find a way to make cash. The month was almost coming to an end. He spend all his money so what he supposed to
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