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Daisy Martinez Kline Period 4 13 April 2017 Drug Penalty in Professional Sports Drugs in professional sports has become a problem ever since the 1960s. Whether it is a performance enhancing drug, a recreational drug, alcohol or anything along those lines, drug consumption among professional athletes has become more common over time. Along with drug usage by professional athletes comes the health consequences, punishments and or treatment. The penalty professional athletes face for drug consumption should correspond to each drug consumed accordingly. The way each type of drug affects the human body is important so it 's effects should have consequences considering how much they are being paid. Any kind of drug affects the human body in…show more content…
Smoking affects the lungs by interfering the process on which dust particles or soot is removed from the bronchial tubes and lungs. A higher chance of clogging and plugging in the vessels is present which reduces the amount of blood going to the heart. The book The Athletes Body states, “...However, serious competitors tend to stay away from cigarettes at least those of the tobacco variety” (Sprague and Jares). Smoking tobacco does not have the same effect as the other drugs and therefore it is not as common to be found in professional athletes. It does not provide that feeling of rush or happiness nor does it improve athletic performance. Drug testing and penalties are different among each sport. All sport leagues including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and the Olympics punishes athletes who use drugs by suspension which can lead to ban after multiple positive tests. Starting with the NFL, national football league, players are testing only once a year other than the time when they sign onto a new team. If an NFL player is tested positive for steroids they will face a four-game suspension. A second positive test results in a six-game suspension and a third will suspend a player for a full season. However, when it comes to recreational drugs the consequences do not consists in suspensions. Players who are tested positive for recreational drugs are put into an intervention program that breaks up into stages. The first stage includes the placement into the program for up to

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