Daisy Miller by Henry James

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When these two cultures clash, this leads to understanding just how different Americans are from their European counterparts. Even though the international theme helps one find the differences in the continent and country, it also enables one to note the significant evilness that Europe possesses. There are so many distinctions that Europeans and Americans that they just might not see the picture of what Daisy Miller is about. The characters that Henry James writes about in Daisy Miller come across as being innocent, free, and fresh. This can only be said for the American characters. There were always sentences that make Europeans seem like they are snobby and corrupt. There is that little hint of sophistication. One would assume that this comes with the territory.
When Daisy and her family are in Europe, they represent the New World element in the Old World. The protagonist, Daisy Miller, is beautiful and charming. She is unlike anybody else in Europe because all of the other people act mature and somewhat boring. She is just a free spirit that tries to incorporate as much of the European element as much as she possibly can. Her way of doing so is a bit unusual to the locals, but this is the way that she wants to spend her time in Europe. Because she choses to do so, she is unappreciated in terms of the how the Europeans want her to act…
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