Dak Baker Research Paper

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Dak Baker. I was one of the greatest boxers of the 1920’s. At the end of my career, I was 125-0. I was getting payed a lot, and had a huge amount of fans. I would sign thousands of autographs at each match. Occasionally they would want to take picture with me, so I did so. I was the biggest boxer of the 1920’s. The 25 years that I was a boxer, it was the time of my life. It all ended when The Great Depression came. It all started on a sunny summer day in July, when I was 12 years old. 6 or 7 gangsters jumped me. They broke my arm, collarbone, and my orbital bone. I went home and my mom freaked out and called the cops. The cops couldn’t prove who did it so it just went as an unsolved case. My dad was worried I would get jumped again, so he made me go to the boxing gym right down…show more content…
They said that they had to lower my fighting salary to $2,000 a fight, $2,000 a win. Before that I was making $8,000 a fight, $8,000 a win. So my salary dropped drastically. I was infuriated and argued and argued. They told me the stock market was crashing and a ton of people were being laid off, and I was lucky that they were still gonna pay me. By 1931, 6 million people were jobless, and the industrial production dropped by more than half. Homeless people were getting more and more common and were always begging for money that we didn't have. The banks were closing, so i had nowhere to keep all my money. I had to pay bills, and wasn't earning as much money, which caused me to ration my spending. I was still enjoying boxing, but wasn't enjoying my earnings. I was almost fighting for no reason, I defended my title 12 times and only earned $48,000. Compared to winning $192,000. I started fighting less and less, earning less money as I go. Finally after I was 125-0, I retired. I wasn't working as was living off of the $2,000,000 i had stored in my safe at my house, I was losing money like crazy and was panicking, looking for a decent paying
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